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Pigging Out

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Food is good

Even when you're not in the mood

You eat everything in sight

A whole box of the cereal 'Just Right'

Two German Chocolate cake

Your diet you forsake

Out of clothes you went

Now you have to wear a tent

Breakfast at six

A whole box of pancake mix

A snack at eight

You don't care 'bout the overweight

Another snack at ten

Five milkshakes you blend

For your twelve o'clcock lunch

It's spare ribs, rice, mashed potatoes and fruit punch

Two o'clock snack

It's oreos and sandwich icecream by the pack

At four o'clock

Cheese, crackers and roast pork

What's on the menu at six?

Could it be celery sticks?

Oh, no. French fries, hamburbers and hot dogs

You'd even throw in some frogs

Still on the go at eight

Ham and eggs and hot chocolate

At ten o'clock you still want more

So you eat the whole refrigerator 11-11-2010101331AM.jpg

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