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The Captain

Yam Pie

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Anybody still cook yam pie in BIM. I was here thinking about some my mother used to make and my mouth begin to "water"

As you know every West Indian house MUST have tin of Corned Beef in it somewhere hiding. If ever you find one try this. It is a very simple, cost next to nothing, but delicious. I can't find any good looking yams here, by the time you cut off what's bad you don't have much left, and what's left when it's cooked,it's black and blue.

About 2 to 3 pounds of yams

1 average size onion

a clove or two of garlic

1/4 tea spoon Blk pepper

some fresh pepper.



teaspoon Scallions

1/2 stick butter or MargarineB

1/4 cup of chopped green/red pepper

Better yet if you have some ready mix Bajan or Jerk Seasoning use about 1 teaspoon, add or subtract to your taste.

Cook the yams..peeled of course, add salt. Get the soft cooking ones, not the ones with the black ends, look for " Goog Looking yams" the ones that when you look at them they smile at you :blink: as if to say "Take me home please".

You will cook them until the fork or kibob skewer goes through them easily. Remove from stove and drain off the water save about a cup or so though.

Chop an average size onion, a little garlic, pepper.

saute the onions, garlic and pepper in a teaspoon of olive oil, then add the other ingredients and butter. Put the corned beef in and stir until it breaks down and all of ingredients combined while stirring. TAKE YOUR HANDS OUT OF IT BOY! this is to put in my yam pie. OK ma I can't wait.

Get a casserole dish prepared. Mash the yam, (not wid you foot tho) :D use the (potato masher that's better), until it is consistent like a mellow coucou. Smear a little butter or oil in the disk, place a layer of yam about 1/2 to 3/4 inch. Next a layer of the cornbeef, alternate another layer of yam until the dish is 'loaded" This time the oven is being heated to about 325. If you want to garnish it, go ahead, a few red and green pepper rings would make it look Goooood fuh yuh mate. Put the disk in the oven and while that is baking make yourself a salad an pour a glass of your best wine.

I have had it with pork when people used to cook the pork and than mince it in the meat grinder. "but evvabody po-great now uh days, ent got nuh time wid alluh dat, dem would radder guh to Cheffette of Kentucky on The Golden Arches" Anyhow if yuh decide to try it, save some for me I'll be right over.

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I love yam pie. This is actually one if not my favorite food. Yummy. I'll keep this recipe since my grandmother is in a different city and can't make it for me.

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